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Telecare Equipment Guide

Between 2023 and December 2025 all telecare units either already in your home or being installed for the first time will be upgraded to a digital unit, providing you with a better quality of service.

If your current unit needs upgrading your telecare supplier will be in touch to arrange this before December 2025.

Basic Package

Any individual can self-refer for a basic package.

lifelineLife Line VI Unit

Voice Reminders/ Recording – such as medication reminders.

Temperature monitoring can be set – but must be requested.

smoke-alarm.fwSmoke Detector

One required for every floor in the property.

Landlords permission is required if property is not privately owned. 

AMY-pendantMy Amie Pendant

Can be worn on the wrist or on as a neck worn pendant.
If individual has poor dexterity then an ‘easy press’ can be requested.

key-safeKey Safe

Key safes are fitted outside the property to allow emergency access. Only Galw Gofal keep the number on record.
Landlords permission is required if property is not privately owned.


Additional Sensors

bed-sensorBed Sensor

Two types– over mattress or undermattress. Cannot be used on Electric or profiling beds.
Bed occupancy timers can be set – e.g when individual hasn’t returned to bed within 15 minutes. Referrer must request this.

door-sensorDoor sensor

Can be timed sensors or manual set by‘on/off’ switch, and can be linked to lifeline or care assist.

Referrer must request a PIR if an absent time is required, please note on referral the type of door it is to be fitted onto. 

pir-sensorPIR Sensor

Must be requested if an absent time is needed for a door sensor– e.g no movement within 10 mins after opening a door = put a call through.
Can be used as a virtual sensor, inactivitydetector, intruder alarm.

chair-sensorChair Sensor

Cannot be used on Rise recliningchairs. Occupancy timers can be set–e.g when individual hasn’t returned to the chair within 15 minutes.

Referrer must request this.

flood-detectorrFlood Detector 

Ideal for those at risk of leavingtaps running.

Can be placed on the floor nextto a sink or bath.

All additional sensors must be requested by a professional.

carbon-monoxide-alarmCo2 Detector

One is required for everyroom which has a gas appliance e.g boiler, gasfire, gas cooker and logburners. 

temp-extreme-sensorTemperature Extreme Sensor

Monitors for excessively high and low temperatures and a rapid rise in temperature. Typically installed on the ceiling.

careassistrCare Assist

- Can support up to 86 different sensors
- Has a range of up to 200m
- Requires charging for 2hours
- Ideal for carers/ parents
- All sensors can be linked to a pager


- Automatically detects falls and functions as a normal pendant
- Will only detect a ‘hard’ fall
- 100% waterproof– can be worn in the shower
- Has a cancel alert button (small grey button)
- Or if a Vibby it can be cancelled by holding your palm over the face for 10 seconds

Specialist Assessed Equipment 

All equipment listed below must be assessed for by telecare OT / OTA. Professionals should refer to Telecare for a joint visit.  

Footprint GPS device

  • GPS tracking and low signal warnings
  • Two way voice communications
  • GEO fence alerts – via text
  • Full roaming SIM – to use the strongest mobile signal in that area.
  • Wearable pendant – keyring or lanyard
  • Can be linked to Galw Gofal.
  • Low battery alerts
  • Live website tracking service available.


Buddi GPS device
Buddi has the same features as the footprint but comes in two pieces of kit. A bracelet and a clip. The bracelet is the falls detector and the clip acts as the‘phone’ and GPS.

Canary is used as an  assessment tool to monitor an individuals movements . The system is installed with small sensors and data is collected on the website to determine an individuals pattern of movement. Canary is ideal for assessing an individuals care package  without being intrusive or depriving them of their privacy.

Epilepsy Sensors
Telecare provide a range of Alert It Epilepsy sensors to suit the type of seizures the individual has. Please follow this link for further information:-

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