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Meet the team

Nick, Regional Strategic Manager

"It is a privilege to lead a service that makes such a difference to individuals, families and businesses right across the country. Our team are exceptionally professional and committed in delivering an industry leading service, ensuring whenever they are needed that they provide a quick response and tailored service regardless of the situation. Whether you are looking for a telecare, an out of hours or a lone workers monitoring service we can meet all of your requirements and assure you of a high quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year".


“Being part of a professional Team who provide an invaluable emergency service of help and assistance, gives an overwhelming sense of job satisfaction and part of local and wider community”.


"I have been involved in Telecare for over 30 years, and feel proud of the service our team provides, knowing the reassurance, comfort and assistance we provide on a daily basis, to people across Wales and beyond, makes a difference to people.  Having Telecare installed can enable people to live independently longer in their own familiar surroundings". 


"Having worked for Call for Care for 29 years, it's an interesting job and I feel that I can make a real difference to the lives of the clients we look after, it's important because it enables those who receive the service to stay in their homes and their own habitat. this means so much to many".


"Having worked at Galw Gofal for 15 years, I have seen many changes and how many service users rely on us, it is a very rewarding job and each day is different. Galw Gofal is a service that gives service users that independence to remain at home for a long as they can, they remain confident in their own home knowing we are a button press away, I really do believe we are the 4th emergency service. The work we do gives people that independence be at home, it gives families reassurance that they’re loved ones have someone to call on if they ever need help or assistance or just a friendly chat".


"I enjoy working for Galw Gofal as we have a fantastic team of which it is a privilege to be a part of. The service that Galw Gofal provides is important to me personally as I feel it gives me the opportunity to give something small back to the community by helping to provide them with a quality service that people can rely on. The work that Galw Gofal carry out around the clock enables people to live independently for longer and provides support for people who may otherwise be unable to continue living in their own homes".


"I enjoy working at Galw Gofal as it gives me gratification knowing I have helped someone in need, the team is very supportive of one another. The flexibility with my shifts and family friendly hours gives me time to enjoy a happy work life balance. Working for Galw Gofal and the service we provide is important to me as it makes me feel good knowing I have helped someone in need. I feel we provide excellent customer service which will help with long term success and an ever growing service.Galw Gofal helps and supports vulnerable people to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible, and giving the service user peace of mind knowing there is help/assistance at the other end of the line 24/7".


Why do you enjoy working for Galw Gofal?

"Working at Galw Gofal can sometimes be challenging, but the outcomes are worthwhile, especially when our work results in a life saved. We provide a range of services to a variety of customer cohorts which often requires time critical problem solving skills and keeps us on our toes".

Why is the service Galw Gofal provides important to you?

"We all want to feel valued and to know that when we need support it will be there for us. Any one of use could need the services Galw Gofal provides in the future, so by valuing and supporting others now, we are valuing and supporting ourselves, and our loved ones, in the future. This is just one reason why as a member of the Galw Gofal team I am committed to achieving and maintain high standards of customer care".

How does the work you do help people in our communities?

"Our Careline work at Galw Gofal provides reassurance and supports individuals and their families to manage risk while maintaining a good quality of life. Our Careline services are important to help reduce any sense of loneliness or isolation while empowering vulnerable people to remain living in the communities they know, love and feel comfortable in".

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