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Out of hours and Business Continuity

Supporting you to deliver your services 24/7

We offer a wide range of out of hours emergency telephone contact services for businesses within the public and private sector. We work with many Council’s and Housing associations where the service is aimed to support people requiring help with urgent housing repairs, environmental and public protection matters, homelessness or emergency social services support. The service is tailored to suit individual customer needs.

When your business closes for the day, weekend, bank holiday, internal meetings, training days or in the event of business continuity we take over all calls from your service users to ensure whatever their needs they have someone to contact 24/7. We then triage the call to determine the required level of support or advice the caller requires.

Business Continuity

Galw Gofal provides effective business continuity or disaster recovery support to enable your organisation to continue to delivery its service to your customers in the event of service disruption or disaster within your business. We can quickly divert your operational customer calls to our call centre and even provide you with working space for key members of your team whilst any issues are on-going.

Our state of the art Alarm Response Centre can then support you for as long as required safe in the knowledge that your clients will still be able to make contact.

Set up of Out of Hours Service

We can normally set up and start providing you with these services in a few weeks with a competitive pricing structure.

For more information please contact us here.

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