Care Connect is commissioned by local authorities and housing providers to deliver call monitoring services for the following:


  1. Social Community Alarms /Telecare /Mobile Telecare with GPS tracking

  2. Telehealth – vital sign monitoring

  3. Telephone Check Calls, proactive calling

  4. Lone Working & GPS tracking

  5. Carer Card holders

  6. Out of Hours Services, including:

    • Contact point for Social Services Emergency Duty Teams

    • Housing repairs for local authorities and housing associations

    • Environmental Services

    • Public Protection

    • Homelessness

    • Public Buildings

    • Education - Youth Service etc.

  7. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  8. Support with Emergency Planning



Care Connect has a wide database of contacts and information relating to each customer and, due to the delivery of a life critical service, works closely with all emergency services.


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